Rustic Decorative Tile

This style of rustic decorative tile comes from the famous tile enterprise named Xinruncheng ceramic company. The rustic decorative tile belongs to the Xinruncheng brank which was identified as "A Well-Known Trademark in China" State Administration for Industry and commerce, Industry Association named the "top ten ceramic brand" and "national ceramic brand 20 strong" in 2012.

Product Details


AJ6E111W & AJ6E311W


AJ6E317M & AJ6E217M


AJ6E618M & AJ6E618M


AJ6E219M & AJ6E219M

Application: Rustic decorative tile is applicable for indoor and outdoor decoration at home, like bedroom, bathroom, balcony and terrace, etc.


Product Feature: Water and stain-resistant, Fade-resistant, Easy to clean and maintain, Wear resistant


Quality management:  Passed the ISO9001 and ISO14001 in 2012. The products were tested by China building material inspection and Certification Center. The radioactivity index conforms to the GB6566-2001 standard. It belongs to class a environmental protection product, and its production and sales scope is not limited.


Brand Style: warm, softly , gentle, fragrant and harmonious


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