Crystal White Double Loading Polished Porcelain Tile

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Crystal white polished porcelain tiles create a modern mottled stone type look with an essence of elegance.  The off-white hues of cream are lightened by speckles of a lighter shade. Each tile is rectified which allows for an application that is seamless and is sized at 600 x 600 mm.
Crystal White can be lain in-line or diamond pattern on the floor or wall in living areas, bathrooms and kitchens and bring to the space an essence of class and elegance.
Crystal white is a surface is a sleek glossy finish that wears well and can be trusted for areas of medium to high foot-traffic.

Type: Polished Porcelain Tile
Size (mm):600x600/800x800
Available Color: White,Yellow,Pink,Brown
Thickness (mm):8.8-9.5
Water Absorption:<0.5%
Place of Origin:China
Packing:Carton box with wooden pallet
Application:Interior House,Living Areas,Bedroom,Kitchen,Bathroom

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